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Goodbye wiki

July 19th, 2011

So several years ago I started a wiki for stuff and giggles.  I was playing around with hosting mediawiki on a laptop that I had retired.  It was a fun project and I learned a lot about setting up web services on a simple linux box.  This was pre-buntu and before you could just add a LAMP package with a snazzy Linux distribution.  It had a short life of it’s own when people would actually post some stuff and I had a ton of good homebrew information on the site as well as some posts from family members and friends.

It eventually got indexed and got pretty trashed.  In the same vein as why I had started it, I secured it with various means (only registered users could post, simple captcha to create account) cleaned it up, and it had a long quiet life of it’s own with a few actual changes that were worthwhile. Every blue moon someone would put some spam on the site which was easy enough to clean out manually. Read more…

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Is Comcast blocking large HTTP POST transactions?

August 18th, 2008


I’m not sure when this started happening, but I can’t seem to isolate the problem and I’m assuming that Comcast is to blame. I’m running this blog on a PC in my house connected to the interWeb via Comcast residential high speed Internet. I’m keeping DNS humming along using DynDNS even though my “dynamic” IP address (via DHCP) has not changed since the Adelphia to Comcast migration (and hadn’t changed on Adelphia prior to that migration). Even before I was running this blog, I had a wiki using MediaWiki running (it still is).

Here’s what’s happening….I can add a comment or a new wiki page (which is an HTTP POST transaction) from home or remotely (outside of my LAN). However, I’m limited to the size of my comments (or wiki pages) when I’m remote (outside of my LAN).  Once I get more than a paragraph or so in a comment (or a wiki page) and hit “send” my browser just hangs.  Incidentally, this also happens when creating a blog post while logged in to WordPress.

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Just blogging around….

April 12th, 2008
Parent's pond in Brunswick

Parent's pond in Brunswick

So, I haven’t blogged in a long time. Since the family vacation in Maine I got a job, but that’s probably not the only or even the main reason. I just haven’t thought about it much and never made the time. I’m doing it now as I’m setting up a new server to replace my old Pentium HT that I bought in 2001.

Elvis has been up and running for almost a year and a half and I started thinking about all the energy it has been burning just sitting there responding to the occasional HTTP request. I also happened to have the need for a laptop on a temporary basis so I figured the two would dovetail nicely.

The laptop is a Dell Inspiron D410 subnotebook (Blackcow) that I bought used for a few hundred duckets. It’s more than capable of hosting this site as well as about a half dozen other sites that Elvis has been hosting. Some do get quite a few visits, but not enough to tax the Apache2 webserver nor the MySQL database on which most of the sites (this one not included as it’s an output of Mac OS X iWeb) use.

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The BoswellWiki goes live

January 25th, 2007


I’ve spent the last few days installing various applications on my iMac and messing around with a lot of Unix style hacking.  The goal and the completed end result is a live running wiki.  I’m not sure where I”m going with it yet, but I would love to do something commercial with the wiki at a future date.  I’ve kicked around several ideas in my own head as well as talked to some other folks to see what they think.

The page is still a work in progress, but I encourage anyone who wants to to poke around and wiki to their hearts content.

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