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Welcome to North Carolina, you can’t drive here

August 28th, 2009

dotlogoI had a wonderful experience recently while attempting to get my North Carolina Drivers License. I spent three hours of my day for what should have been a 20-30 minute exercise. While I usually defend government and bureaucracies as I understand the problems associated with managing drivers licenses and identification for the 10th largest state (by population) which is over 9,000,000 people. I have to wonder at some of the rules and regulations that were put in place (for whatever reason) that make getting things done difficult, time consuming, and potentially even impossible.

Not to mention the fact that I almost failed the computer test (more on that later).

I did the smart thing prior to getting in the car and driving to the NC DOT offices. I looked online and determined all the information I would need and stuck all that information in a folder.  The required information includes proof of residency, proof of age and identity, proof of liability insurance (huh?), and an original social security card.

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Why I chose the Honda Fit

August 25th, 2009

blue_h_over_honda_logoI’ve been in the market for a new car for several months.  My 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee was starting to give me issues (not starting occasionally, computer malfunction, rough shifting (automatic), etc.).  The Jeep had close to 145,000 miles on it and it was my daily driver.  It was mostly highway miles and it was in excellent shape for a 10 year old car with that many miles. I bought it in 2000 and at the time, even though I considered myself greener than the average bear, I didn’t seem to mind the 16-20 MPG that it got. I wanted something big enough to haul around clients at lunch and something that I could get “out there” when I wanted to (I traded up from a Jeep Wrangler to the Grand Cherokee). I went with the loaded version (leather, seat heaters, moonroof, V8, Quadradrive, etc.)

While shopping for the new car, I wanted something with good fuel economy, but didn’t want to sacrafice on cargo space.  As I told every salesman that I visited, “My three dogs go everywhere with me.” I didn’t really need the 4WD, even though it had come in handy a few times. I also didn’t need the gas guzzling that came along with the 4WDs.

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How (not) to use the Internet for sales…

August 11th, 2009

42015295__1247701246__1__1-0e7b254cbdb0f624c8bf1ece88d84585.__big__It must be my week to rant or at least complain about things I just don’t like on the Internet. Let me start by saying that this is the 2nd time I’ve had a similar experience, both times with car dealerships. I didn’t blog about the dealership in question last time, but it was First Team Volkswagen in Roanoke, VA. This time it was Leith Volkswagen in Raleigh, NC.

Let me start (again) with some background. People like to shop on the Internet. Many times, they are just looking for information to see what the current prices are, compare items, look at rebates or deals, do product research, etc. One particular reason they don’t visit a brick-and-mortar store is because they don’t want to deal with sales people and in some cases might not be ready to purchase something.

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