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Google Voice and Skype Mobile … #fail

June 23rd, 2010

Doh!  I’ve got to admit, Verizon is going for the gusto offering both Google Voice (via Android) and Skype Mobile on their phones.  Either of them are a great way to get free calls on the Verizon Network … but not both of them.

Get Free calls with Google Voice if you have the 900 minute individual plan or the 1400 minute family plan which includes a Friends and Family list which you can update online to get free calls to 10 numbers.  Google Voice works by calling a Google SIP Server and having that SIP server connect your call to your destination number (presenting your Google Voice number in their caller ID). I love Google Voice as I can give out one number and have it reach me wherever I want (and whenever too).  I also like using Google Voice so the actual number I’m calling from is masked from Caller ID (great if I don’t want to give pesky co-workers or client my actual cell number).  I posted about Google Voice months agoRead more…

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Android (HTC Incredible) vs. iPhone (3G) my thoughts

June 22nd, 2010

I posted an entry a few weeks ago regarding my switching from AT&T to Verizon and more specifically leaving my iPhone to get an Android phone (HTC Incredible). My phone arrived in time for a trip up to Ithaca, NY where we are moving this summer.  I really wanted to see how the differing networks behaved in the area as I don’t want a phone I can’t use where I live…what good is that.

Let me start by saying that I got my first iPhone a week after they hit the street. I LOVED it. It was the best phone I had ever used. Years ahead of anything that was on the market at that time. The network sucked, but I could live with it because everything about the phone was perfect. I upgraded to the 3G when available skipped the S and was waiting for the iPhone 4. However lately the AT&T network has really started to be an issue. I noticed this the most as I purchased a Verizon Wireless MiFi last fall and love it. I often have it on and am using the WiFi tether on my iPhone because the AT&T network sucks so bad. And having the proverbial apples to apples comparisons of the AT&T network to the VZW network has really opened my eyes to how bad the AT&T network truly is.

Let me start with the negative. The things that the Android is lacking that the iPhone just does better: Read more…

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Goodbye AT&T … Goodbye iPhone, it’s been fun while it lasted

May 31st, 2010

With a heavy heart and an empty wallet, I’ve decided that I am finally fed up with crappy AT&T service, enough so that I’m letting go of my iPhone!  I was an early adopter. I waited in line for my first iPhone the day it came out.  I had a Verizon Wireless Blackberry 7200 prior to the iPhone and was amazed that I couldn’t actually use my new snazzy phone in my house for the first several months.  However, the phone was a cool enough novelty that I put up with the network and dropped calls figuring it HAD to get better.

I upgraded to the 3G iPhone the week it came out (even though there was no 3G where I lived (yet)) and I’ve still got my eye on a WiFi iPad.  I just can’t wait until Christmas to see if Apple and Verizon can come to terms (and if Apple will build a CDMA version or if they will wait for LTE). Read more…

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Google Voice and the dumb pipe (AT&T/Apple/iPhone)

July 31st, 2009

4232368305-voice_logo_smI got my Google Voice invite recently.  Even though I consider myself pretty tech savvy and up to date on cool betas and other Internet tools, I let this one bake for a bit before giving it a test. My first impression is that it’s a very useful tool and is yet another example of the Internet (and Google) making past and present tools and technologies commodities. In this regard, I have to express my frustration with AT&T and Apple and echo many folks before me.  I’ll get into that, but first here’s my early impression of the service and features.

For a brief introduction, Google Voice is a telephone number that is supposed to be your last and final telephone number. You set up Google Voice with your other phone numbers and then you can control how and when you accept calls from who. Sounds great, but let me provide an example which may make more sense. You set up your Google Voice number to send everyone in a “Work” or “Coworkers” group to your office phone number and your cell phone number during week days from 8am-7pm, but not your home number, but you have one particular work buddy that likes to call you on weekends so you make an exception for that individual, but only for your cell phone. You never give out your cell phone number (or any other number) and Google Voice “screens” your calls.

Read more…

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Let Google Sync Your iPhone?

February 16th, 2009

sync-48x48It’s still in beta (as most Google applications are) but now Google has an application that will sycn your iPhone. This concept strikes me as strange, but I guess with this you could ditch iTunes and use something like Songbird and Google to sync everything on your iPhone.

It uses a licenseable Microsoft protocol for the synchronization.  Why didn’t Google just write their own? I mean how can they crush Microsoft if they are using their product?

Upon further examination, I think (at least for now) you will still need iTunes. I haven’t tried the Google sync and don’t know that I will. I currently use the Mobile Me sync to keep everything up to date real-time.

Anyone try this yet? If so, what’s the scoop?

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