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From paperbacks to Kindle to NOOK Touch

July 20th, 2011

So, when I last posted regarding e-readers, I was still mostly into paperbacks, but did have a Kindle 1.  However, when the Kindle 3 came out, I picked up the WiFi only version and pretty much converted to electronic readers.  I think since then I’ve only read a one or two paperbacks (and I read a lot). I really liked the form factor and that I could travel for work, go on  vacation, or go camping and not worry about carrying a ton of books.

Unfortunately, I dropped my kindle face down on some rocks and messed the screen up pretty bad.  I hemmed and hawed about getting another Kindle as the cost was pretty hard to justify (If I had dropped a book, I would have been out a few bucks).

However, being a gadget guy, I went ahead and made the decision to re-up and get another reader.  However, this time I went with the Barnes and Noble (All New) NOOK Touch.  I decided on this for several reasons and am very happy with the choice.

Here’s my list of pros and cons and my opinion of the differences between the Kindle and the NOOK: Read more…

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Kindle Reader – #Kindle, #iPad, #iPodTouch, #Android …

June 29th, 2010

I still prefer paperbacks and I am still an avid user of the Internet’s used bookstores (Bookmooch and Paper Back Swap), and wrote a blog about them a while back.  However, I purchased a Kindle for my wife last year and she loves it.  We scan her journal articles in using a ScanSnap, run Optical Character Recognition on the resulting PDFs and upload them to her Kindle.  She then has a search-able archive of a ton of recent articles on Equine Surgery on her Kindle for easy access and (restaurant, car, plane, bathroom, bed) reading.

Her biggest complaint is that I have purchased a few recent books on her Kindle and have been known to curl up on the couch with *her* Kindle on lazy weekends.  I also recently purchased an iPad, which has a Kindle App.  I’ve had the Kindle App on my iPhone for a while and since I’m leaving AT&T and going to Verizon, I recently downloaded the Kindle App for Android.

Here are my thoughts: Read more…

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On the road with an iPad

June 21st, 2010

I’ve had the iPad for about a week now. I’m still amazed with it and all the fun I’m having with it. It feels like a totally new experience to interface with the web and interact with people. Granted, most of that web and interaction is a Twitter client and Safari, but the multi-touch interface and the “closeness” of the interaction (holding it on my lap) just make this feel a new experience.

I’m drafting this on Pages on the iPad. I’ll port this to my blog using a cut and paste into the dashboard, then will touch it up and add links using the dashboard on a PC.

We took a trip last week. I intentionally did not bring my laptop as I wanted to use the iPad as a prime device and didn’t want to have the option of falling back on a PC. Read more…

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Online book swapping, the Internet’s Used Bookstore

February 25th, 2009

8_bookstoreMy wife and I are planning on moving in the next few months. We’ve started to empty out the basement and have successfully gotten rid of stuff (and made money at it too) on eBay and Craig’s List. We also started going through the various book shelves in our house and deciding what to keep (i.e. pay someone to haul across the country) and what not to keep.

I’ve had a crate of used paperback and hardback books in the basement for months. When friends come over, we offer them any book in the crate that they want free of charge just to get it off our hands. We don’t have a local used bookstore so we were going to toss them if we couldn’t pass them on. We are trying to be environmentally friendly and were loathe to put the stuff in the trash so we have identified ways to recycle them (our local recycle pickup will accept paperback books and the local YMCA will take old text books and hardback books). However, even that just seemed wasteful.

Read more…

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June 29th, 2008


Over the past few years I’ve been buying a lot of my books online at or even on eBay. I’ve also been going to the public library here in Blacksburg which as public libraries go is a pretty decent library. However, when shopping online or even at the library, I tend to pick up books that are challenging reads, and many of them take me a long time to get through. If I bought them, that’s not a problem, however I’ve racked up a few late fees at the library (no more than what it would have cost me to purchase the book outright). I’ve also tended to pick up books that spend a long time on my bedside table as I have been known to start reading something else and at times have had as many as four or five books ongoing at once. An example of these are (all of which I’ve started and will eventually finish):

  • The Baroque Cycle by Neal Steaphenfon of which I’m about half way through The System of the World
  • Against the Day by Thomas Pynchon
  • The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman
  • April 1865 by Jay Winik

Read more…

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