New safe guidelines for pork doneness #USDA

Apparently, I’m a month or two slow on the uptake, but last night as I was prepping the grill to gill a pork tenderloin my wife, Stacie, mentioned that the USDA had recently updated their minimum safe temperature for pork down from 160°F to 145°F.  I can’t explain just how happy this makes me.
For years, ever since a spectular dinner at The Pink House in Savannah, GA, I’ve been “underdoing” my pork.  The dish I had at The Pink House was a medium rare pork loin dish with a disclaimer on the menu that the USDA does not recommending pork cooked to a medium-rare doneness.  I ate it, I didn’t get sick, and I’ve been doing it that way since then.
My dinner guests often scoff and ask for the “done” pieces of a loin and I have gotten away with hogging (pun intended) all the pink pieces.

BBQ Sauce is like religion…

zzsauceMy mother recently told a friend of hers that I made great BBQ sauce (and BBQ to boot).  Her friend sent me an e-mail and asked for the recipe so I responded with this e-mail.
Sorry this is late.  I hope I didn’t miss the BBQ.
I love BBQ.  It’s a passion of mine.  My father and I have our disagreements regarding BBQ, and everyone I know thinks I’m right (of course).  For instance, I did a pork shoulder (boston butt) for pulled pork last weekend when he was in town.  I put it on the grill at 8pm on Friday night and we had it for dinner at 6pm the next day.  I do it low-and-slow as to slowly cook the meat and make sure it’s not dry.  I don’t peek at BBQ when it’s cooking, it’s BBQ, not a peep show.  I don’t baste it.  Just a bit of rub and 220 degrees for 20 hours or so until it’s done.  In fact Julia said, “This is the best BBQ I’ve ever had.”  My father said, “But it’s too moist.”  Now, any BBQ connoisseur would laugh at that (as we did).  I think he’s just jealous that I cook my BBQ for 20 hours to perfection while he is in a rush and his is a bit dry after 6 hours in a blast furnace.  Now, I will admit that his pork is pretty damn good….but my pork is better!
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Black Pepper Pork Loin

wishboneChalk this up to musings of someone who has had two G&Ts who is also suffering as a bachelor for a few more weeks (while his wife is in Kentucky at some giant vet clinic or other) and he may or may not feel like he’s in need to find some topic or other to post on his blog or facebook or twitter or something or like that….
Consider this scenario: Have you ever purchased something at the store that you were really looking forward to? (eating)? Like you recalled picking it off the shelf and thinking, wow, garlic black pepper pork loin, “that sounds damn good.” So it is in the fridge overnight (or three) and you decide to fire up the grill and have you some garlic black pepper pork loin.
Meanwhile, you’re on the phone with your wife (from Kentucky) and you pull the pork loin out of the fridge just thinking how good it will be for dinner. You casually read the package that says, “? portabelo mushroom ?” pork loin and you literally say (into the phone), “Oh, Snap!”
Why? Because you don’t much care for fungus. Thank you very much.
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The random piece of meat was actually pretty good….

maleOh what to do with the random piece of meat in the freezer? My answer…grill it. On the Big Green Egg of course.
So I found a random zip lock bag in the freezer. It had a symbol written on the zip lock that was a circle with the arrow pointing out. You know the one, the global symbol of the male (as opposed to the circle with the cross on the inside which is the symbol of a female).
Upon further consideration, I determined that it must have been given to me by some random person (I know, how bad of me not to remember) and knowing my friends it was most likely vension. The symbol was to indicate that it was a buck.
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BBQ Ribs in January (in the freezing rain)

bbq-ribsI love ribs and sometimes I just can’t wait until summer for some damn good BBQ. That’s where my Big Green Egg comes in.  I’ve made pizza at 600°F when it’s below freezing. I’ve smoked turkeys on Christmas day in crazy freezing windy weather. I’ve done a 18 hour smoke on a brisket in the snow and a 13 hour Boston Butt in single digits.
I just figured earlier this week that Saturday would be a good day for ribs. So I bought 4 racks of Baby Backs and followed a modified 3/2/1 method:
I started by pulling the silver membrane off the back of the ribs. I then marinated the ribs overnight in the fridge by applying liberal dusting of Dizzy Pig Dizzy Dust and some Turbinado sugar wrapping in foil and forgetting. One rack in particular has one side that was quite thick.
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