Rdio vs. Spotify (vs. MOG, Rhapsody)

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I’ve spent the last month or so reviewing the premium subscription services from several music streaming services.  I tried MOG, Rhapsody, Rdio, and Spotify in that order.  I ruled out online radio only services (Pandora, Last.fm, and the upcoming iTunes Radio) as I wanted to listen to specific playlists and specific albums in their entirety.  I did skip Google All Access as one of my requirements something that runs native on iOS (not some cheesy HTML5 Web App).
Over the course of the trials, I discovered a TON of new music.  I found artists that I may have heard once or twice in the past that are now some of my favorite artists.  I tried to challenge the libraries with college tunes from 20 years ago.  I put them through the paces on iPhone, iPad, Android, Web interfaces, and downloadable PC and Mac apps. Continue reading “Rdio vs. Spotify (vs. MOG, Rhapsody)”

Kindle Reader – #Kindle, #iPad, #iPodTouch, #Android …

I still prefer paperbacks and I am still an avid user of the Internet’s used bookstores (Bookmooch and Paper Back Swap), and wrote a blog about them a while back.  However, I purchased a Kindle for my wife last year and she loves it.  We scan her journal articles in using a ScanSnap, run Optical Character Recognition on the resulting PDFs and upload them to her Kindle.  She then has a search-able archive of a ton of recent articles on Equine Surgery on her Kindle for easy access and (restaurant, car, plane, bathroom, bed) reading.
Her biggest complaint is that I have purchased a few recent books on her Kindle and have been known to curl up on the couch with *her* Kindle on lazy weekends.  I also recently purchased an iPad, which has a Kindle App.  I’ve had the Kindle App on my iPhone for a while and since I’m leaving AT&T and going to Verizon, I recently downloaded the Kindle App for Android.
Here are my thoughts: Continue reading “Kindle Reader – #Kindle, #iPad, #iPodTouch, #Android …”

On the road with an iPad

I’ve had the iPad for about a week now. I’m still amazed with it and all the fun I’m having with it. It feels like a totally new experience to interface with the web and interact with people. Granted, most of that web and interaction is a Twitter client and Safari, but the multi-touch interface and the “closeness” of the interaction (holding it on my lap) just make this feel a new experience.
I’m drafting this on Pages on the iPad. I’ll port this to my blog using a cut and paste into the dashboard, then will touch it up and add links using the dashboard on a PC.
We took a trip last week. I intentionally did not bring my laptop as I wanted to use the iPad as a prime device and didn’t want to have the option of falling back on a PC. Continue reading “On the road with an iPad”

Hello iPad … the first 24 hours (written on computer)

I broke down and purchased an iPad. It was a case of instant gratification. I happened to be in Best Buy and overheard the folks on the sales floor talking about how many they had left.  I had been checking with my local Apple store, and checked the stock online a few times at Best Buy.  I guess I just got lucky that they had a handful left, so I walked away with one on Sunday.
I’ve had it about 24 hours and I have so say that they live up to the hype (so far). I told my wife I’d lose the Netbook if I got an iPad (as the eeePC was a constant presence with me around the house and usually was wedged between the couch pillows).
I went with the 64GB WiFi Model.  I don’t really think I’ll need the 64GB, but it was the only model they had left. I figured I’m fine with the WiFi as I already have a Verizon Wireless MiFi, so I didn’t need the 3G and I am ditching AT&T anyway as it pretty much sucks and our new home has NO AT&T coverage. Continue reading “Hello iPad … the first 24 hours (written on computer)”

Hello iPad (written on WordPress iPad app)

OK. This post is being written using the WordPress iPad app. The app pulls posts, comments, and pages from your database. However, like the Dashboard (using Safari on iPad) does not have many (any) WYSIWYG controls. Basically the interface looks like an e-mail. As WordPress already has an e-mail to post feature (utilizing a “hidden” mailbox and POP) this applet doesn’t add much beyond the ability to tag and categorize posts.
It allows you to insert photos, but you can not select where they will end up in the post, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to delete then (hence the off topic and random attachments on this post … at least until I log on and delete them through the Dashboard using a computer with a full browser).
OK. Enough of this post. I will post a more through review of the iPad and my first 24 hours with it later.

Hello iPad (written on iPad)

I broke down this weekend and purchased an iPad. So far I’m loving it. In fact this post is sort of a test, it is being written on the iPad using the native WordPress Dashboard. The first thing I noticed while creating a blog post, was that the WYSIWYG editor doesn’t work in Safari on iPad, so this is coming from the HTML window on the Dashboard rather than the WYSIWYG editor.
The keyboard is much faster than the iPhone keyboard, but not as fast as an actual keyboard. Text navigation is also a bit slower than on a computer with keyboard and mouse, but still doable.
Using the Dashboard HTML editor it is also laborious to create links. However, it can be done manually (as opposed to using the GUI). Same thing goes for more advanced text editing features, you can do them, but not as easy or as fast as the WYSIWYG way of doing things.
Tagging and other post features are really no different than on a computer.
Enough of this post. I’ll write another with the WordPress iPad app later today and maybe another with some more solid review of the iPad itself at a later date.