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Screenshot from 2015-03-17 08:23:51It seems like every few years I get the itch to write a few posts. Maybe I will keep it up, maybe I will not. It’s been a tough year with a lot of changes, that’s no excuse.  But for now, I do have a few ideas to blog about. Expect a few updates in the next few weeks regarding my move experience with the worst company in the world, maybe some tech updates, maybe some brewing updates, maybe some riding updates…..(now in New Mexico)
I updated my WordPress site this morning with no hick ups and will be dabbling in the new editor for my first post in years (actually the second now that I just posted this) … about SlingTV.

Goodbye wiki

So several years ago I started a wiki for stuff and giggles.  I was playing around with hosting mediawiki on a laptop that I had retired.  It was a fun project and I learned a lot about setting up web services on a simple linux box.  This was pre-buntu and before you could just add a LAMP package with a snazzy Linux distribution.  It had a short life of it’s own when people would actually post some stuff and I had a ton of good homebrew information on the site as well as some posts from family members and friends.
It eventually got indexed and got pretty trashed.  In the same vein as why I had started it, I secured it with various means (only registered users could post, simple captcha to create account) cleaned it up, and it had a long quiet life of it’s own with a few actual changes that were worthwhile. Every blue moon someone would put some spam on the site which was easy enough to clean out manually. Continue reading “Goodbye wiki”

Hello iPad (written on WordPress iPad app)

OK. This post is being written using the WordPress iPad app. The app pulls posts, comments, and pages from your database. However, like the Dashboard (using Safari on iPad) does not have many (any) WYSIWYG controls. Basically the interface looks like an e-mail. As WordPress already has an e-mail to post feature (utilizing a “hidden” mailbox and POP) this applet doesn’t add much beyond the ability to tag and categorize posts.
It allows you to insert photos, but you can not select where they will end up in the post, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to delete then (hence the off topic and random attachments on this post … at least until I log on and delete them through the Dashboard using a computer with a full browser).
OK. Enough of this post. I will post a more through review of the iPad and my first 24 hours with it later.

Hello iPad (written on iPad)

I broke down this weekend and purchased an iPad. So far I’m loving it. In fact this post is sort of a test, it is being written on the iPad using the native WordPress Dashboard. The first thing I noticed while creating a blog post, was that the WYSIWYG editor doesn’t work in Safari on iPad, so this is coming from the HTML window on the Dashboard rather than the WYSIWYG editor.
The keyboard is much faster than the iPhone keyboard, but not as fast as an actual keyboard. Text navigation is also a bit slower than on a computer with keyboard and mouse, but still doable.
Using the Dashboard HTML editor it is also laborious to create links. However, it can be done manually (as opposed to using the GUI). Same thing goes for more advanced text editing features, you can do them, but not as easy or as fast as the WYSIWYG way of doing things.
Tagging and other post features are really no different than on a computer.
Enough of this post. I’ll write another with the WordPress iPad app later today and maybe another with some more solid review of the iPad itself at a later date.

From host to hosting…moving from local server to hosted server

Thank you Time Warner for wasting a ton of my time and in doing so preparing me for yet another move.
So for several years and several providers (Verizon DSL, Comcast Cable, and until recently Time Warner Cable), I’ve been running a small laptop as a web host.  It runs WordPress, Mediawiki, some static pages, and some other applications that I use (like MyTinyTodo).  I’ve also used it to host FTP for large files that I couldn’t attach to an e-mail, and many many other uses. It has proved a geeks invaluable tool. I used to keep up with any IP changes (which has happened a total of three times in five or six years). Now my upstream traffic is tiny and is probably not even noticed. The site gets very few visitors and viewing my web stats only a few MB per day worth of traffic. It was nice to have the ability to reach my home from the public internet. Continue reading “From host to hosting…moving from local server to hosted server”

Remove my Twitter Tools tweets from my main blog page

twitter-128x128It’s been a long time since I posted a blog entry.  Chalk it up to being super busy at work, selling our home, preparing to move, and spring.  I noticed that my the main page of my blog was top heavy with the weekly tweets posted by from the Twitter Tools plugin.  Why do I have my tweets show up on my blog?  No particular reason, but I figured that it sounded like a good social networking thing to do.
As it was looking like my blog consisted of nothing but tweets, I wanted to hide my weekly tweet posts (from Twitter Tools) from my main blog page. I still wanted them available for search engines, or if someone just wants to see my tweetroll (hey baby … want to see my tweetroll?) (did I just coin a new word? – A google search indicates I did not).
After poking around on google and the WordPress site, I figured out a pretty easy way to do what I wanted.
Continue reading “Remove my Twitter Tools tweets from my main blog page”

WPtouch – iPhone theme for WordPress

cropI found the coolest add-on/plugin for WordPress. It creates a theme for your blog when browsed to from an iPhone. It doesn’t mess up your default theme, but when someone browses to your WordPress blog from an iPhone, iPod touch, or Android it displays a custom theme for the small form factor.
No modifications of any kind were necessary on my part. After installing, I immediatly browsed to my blog from my iPhone and checked it out. I then went into the settings for the plugin and made some changes like including tags in the theme, or changing the icons in the menu.
Here are some screenshots from my iPhone:

And since I was plug-in happy, I added the NextGEN Gallary as I just need to see how that is displayed on my iPhone.

Bug in Safari beta caused me to lose a blog entry

I was using the new Safari 4 beta (leo) this morning and using the wp_admin pages of my wordpress blog to edit a new blog post. I have several plug-ins enabled for editing (enhanced tiny mce being the most likely culprit). As I went back to enter a link I got the gray screen of death…(at least in the browser window)…
I took a screenshot and there were the auto saves, so I didn’t lose much text. However, I did have to re-type a paragraph or two.
It’s what you get for using a beta so I’m not really complaining, I’m just warning others.

New WordPress Theme

screenshotI poked around on the WordPress themes site for a while and ended up choosing iNove which was on the first page (due to it’s popularity). I’m continually impressed by WordPress 2.7.  The administration pages are dynamic yet simple and the capabilities of installing plugins/widgets remotely is very slick. It’s nice to be able to install a widget, test it with a blog or page post, and then just nix it if you aren’t pleased. It’s so easy and fast that I keep finding widgets I want to install just to mess with them and doing so.
Now if themes were that easy…
To install the theme you simply move the theme zip file into your $WPHOME/themes directory and unzip it (may need to change permissions depending on your setup). All that’s left is to select the theme using the administration pages.
I liked the new theme, as I was getting tired of the orange on black thin column page, so I made a few changes to the widgets that were visible in my sidebar and let it rip.
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